Migration Hub Heidelberg

Migration Hub Heidelberg is a network in the Rhein-Neckar region that works on all layers of society in order to understand migration as a lived reality. Our work aims to promote the international spirit, local civic engagement and the empowerment of BIPoC and people with migration history. This goal guides our work for migrants and their initiatives, as well as for our local stakeholders, who are active in the field of migration and anti-discrimination. We give space for their initiatives, visions, and perspectives with need-based individual aid, networking, and the provision of physical spaces.

In our pursue for a liberated society, we at Migration Hub Heidelberg are also providing formats advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity. We offer organizational and institutional coaching, content analysis, and critical consciousness raising through workshops, lectures, exhibitions, resources, as well as cultural and political education.


and Analysing


Advisory services and assistance for organizations, institutions and initiatives to empower the sustainability of local approaches.

and Collaborating


Building mutual networks and connecting agents working in the field of migration, flight and anti-discrimination through cooperation and projects.

and Empowering


Offering individual need-based aid, free resources and community spaces to empower and share. Creating opportunities to meet, rest and exchange.

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